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The Science Problem

Science is a core subject, which is of crucial importance in modern education. It helps us to make sense of the world around us through theories, principles, and in-depth analysis. It is also continually developing and emerging, given that research challenges keep emerging day after day.

However, while science may be keenly crucial to our existence, teaching and learning, it is a different thing entirely. It may be interesting as a concept, but students often find it difficult.

One of the significant problems that hinder students is the cognitive requirement of the subject. Science requires that students develop higher thinking skills through which they can evaluate theories and scientific principles. Skills such as this include analytical thinking, proportional thinking, evaluation of variables, among others. These are skills that are often difficult to learn, and this is one of the reasons students find science tasking and challenging.

Another problem which challenges students is that science requires a greater level of comprehension. In the field of science, you have to identify, record data, repeat, draw, and evaluate; you have to hypothesise, describe, relate, explain, discuss, investigates, compare, criticise, and defend; you have to design, devise, assess, justify, conclude, among others. These stages require a lot of brain-tasking and alertness.

Science also makes use of language that can prove challenging to understand if care is not exercised. The language can turn students away and make them demotivated in learning science. Therefore, this reduces the rate at which students find science attractive

Poor education is another problem which makes the field of science look disinteresting. Most schools learn science in literature with little regard for practical approaches. They merely regurgitate existing standards without challenging them. At the primary and high school level, science is mainly descriptive and superficial. This makes it easier to forget about what students learn about science since there is not much connection formed.

These problems keep on hindering science and makes it challenging to teach. However, these are problems we contemplated while curating our program and recruiting our tutors. We pay attention to learning and understanding more than just a mere act of teaching. Our students boast of a high retention rate. If you are looking for an ideal tutor, the following are the tip you should consider.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

There are several reasons why you should reach out to us to handle your child’s science problems. Of the many reasons, here are five.


One of the things to consider when hiring a tutor is their years of experience. Do they have enough experience working with children or teens? How long have they been teaching the subject?

Experience goes a long way in determining the ideal tutor. You do not want to leave your child with someone green in the field. We understand this need perfectly, and this is why all our tutors have years of experience teaching their allots courses.

We understand that every student learns differently. Thus, our tutors are trained to tailor each lesson to the needs of each child. No teaching method is the same; every child gets the right teaching based on requirements, preferences, and the most effective teaching methods that will work for the child.

During the recruitment of tutors, we place premium attention on experience. This is because we are only out to give the best services.


You do not want to hire a tutor that lacks adequate qualification in the subject you require. This will be a waste of your money and valuable time. We do not want to waste your time. As such, all our tutors have adequate and proper training on the subjects they teach. They are also qualified and certified.

Our tutors only teach courses in which they are qualified. For instance, we do not allow a tutor trained in Maths to teach English Language or Science.

Excellent Communication

If one of the problems of teaching science is the language in which it is worded, it only makes sense that your tutor will be an excellent communicator. As a result, all our tutors have excellent communication skills with great regard for clarity. With us, the goal of communication is that the student understands and this is how we measure clarity.

Effective Teaching Method

We dedicate time to curating effective teaching methods that solve all the problems associated with traditional teaching methods. Our tutors tailor the teaching methods to serve the students. We are concise, practical, and comprehensive in our approach.