Primary School Tutoring

Primary School Tutoring for Your Kids’ grades and Preparation

Popular forms of Primary School Tutoring

For your child at the primary school level, there are various forms of primary school tutoring you can take advantage of. They include:

One-to-one tutoring

Online tutoring

Group Tuition Centres

One-to-one Tutoring

This form of tutoring is a common one which is widely spread. In this regard, every child has a personal tutor who often specialises in a subject. The essence of this is to ensure that every child gets a form of personalised learning from each tutor. It helps the child to learn more conveniently and also gives the child the freedom to learn at a comfortable pace.

However, even though this form of tutoring is quite adequate, it can be costly, as the amount tutors often charge per session is high and expensive. When hiring a tutor, you have to ensure you certify that the tutors are as qualified as they say they are. If you are paying much to hire a tutor, you should ensure to get the best out of the process.

One-to-one tutoring is excellent for your child if your child is having maths or calculation problems. It provides an avenue where the tutor can get an adequate understanding of the problem to know how best to solve it. It also makes for quality interaction between the tutor and the student.

You can solve this problem by hiring through an agency. Agencies that specialise in this aspect help you to secure the best tutors. They understand your needs and can conveniently satisfy the requirements. However, going through an agency also equally increases the amount of money you will be spending.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring can also be an effective way to help your child at the primary school level. The world has gone digital, and it is essential to expose your child to technology at the developmental stages. One of the educative means to do this is through online learning.

Online tutoring boasts of offering the best of the two worlds. This is because it provides the tutoring support your child needs at an affordable price. Because the tutor does not have to come to your home or meet in a location, the cost is reduced. Once your child has access to a PC and internet connection, online tutoring is a perfect fit for leaning.

We have an integrated learning system which we tailor to meet the needs of primary school children. Our learning programs are also suited to the needs of your child. This makes it convenient for your children to learn. We also provide metrics through which you can track the progress of your child.

Group Tuition Centres

The way group tuition centres work is that it mimics what happens in a class. The tutor gathers all the students together to tutor them in the sense of a “class.” One thing that is often considered is the ability of the students. The tutor ensures that all the students are of the same capacity, such that the teaching can go round adequately.

Group tutoring is often cheaper than face-to-face since the tutor teaches the child in the same location. However, while affordable, the fact that group tuition centres group the children together reduces the personalised experience the children get. As such, the children may progress at a slower rate that is desired.

Things to Consider Before Enrolling Your Child

Enrolling your child for tutoring at the primary school level takes a higher level of scrutiny. Therefore, you have to consider getting them the best tutoring services.


Consider the cost of the tutoring service. Various tutors have different lengths for their sessions. You have to evaluate the prices with the other sessions to determine which is the best and most affordable


Consider your schedule, your child’s schedule, and the schedule of the tutor. There must be a middle ground for everyone to achieve most of the tutoring. If it’s a tutoring company, you must consider whether they may change the tutor. Stability in tutors is a factor to look out for.

High Quality

The tutoring you will get for your child must be of high quality. The tutor must have experience in dealing with a primary school child.