Maths Tutoring

Solve Your Maths Problem with Personalised Tutoring

The Maths Problem

The absence of personalised teaching of maths creates a knowledge gap among students. The general method of teaching students together in a class has proved to be less effective in getting students to understand. It is a one-size-fits-all approach which doesn’t deliver the desired results. While the class approach may work for some other courses such as English, it is challenging when it comes to Maths.

As a result of a poor foundation created by the ineffective teaching methods, it becomes more challenging to build upon the foundation. The knowledge gap created makes it more challenging to understand more complex maths principles. If this is not quickly addressed, the student begins to feel more left out as the knowledge gap continues to widen. This leads to frustration which can affect the student’s motivation altogether. This also has the potential to reduce the student’s level of confidence in other subjects.

A defective maths background makes it difficult to move on in life with certain careers. This can prevent the student from making certain choices since the maths is poor and the grades are low. Engineering and IT then become a career path which the student may be unable to take. The maths problem is a common one across different places in the work. Subjects involving calculations need to be taken with extreme care and diligence.

However, while there may be a maths problem, it can be addressed and solved. With effective maths tutoring, a child can solve all the maths problems and begin to see improvements in results. We create e sustainable and personalised program which considers the mathematics needs of each student to tailor the best lessons and tutors that will fit their plans.

Value Offering

You can determine if a tutoring program will be useful is the value the program has to offer. This includes how the tutoring sessions are shapes and what makes the tutoring company the best in the market.


One significant problem with the traditional way of teaching maths is that it pays no attention to students’ attention span. Many schools teach maths over 2 hours without much practical approach. Theoretical approaches effortlessly bore students and reduce their attention span.

To solve this problem, we design our programs with full consideration of the students in mind. Our tutors break their lessons into different practical sessions which engage students for a period which spans their attention period.

Structured Program

We understand that maths relies on the need for structure. To learn more complex principles, there is a need for fundamental principles. As such, we structure our programs in such a way that students are certified to know all a stage entails before moving to the next stage. This helps to ascertain that the students are indeed learning.

This is why our classes are in intervals and also in sessions. As such, students are tested after each class to assess the level of their retention and understanding.

Filling The Knowledge Gap

Knowledge gaps in maths are challenging to fill. Once a student misses the foundation and doesn’t come up to speed, other stages become extremely difficult to understand.

For instance, a faulty understanding of algebra can result in further faults in equations, factorisations, and other maths topics.

The class approach to maths does not solve this problem, as it refuses to addresses the needs of each student. Thus, students will knowledge gaps are unable to meet up.

This makes our individualised approach an excellent value. We tailor each session to ensure each student meets their knowledge needs. The program is self-paced and affords the students enough time to learn, fill the gaps, and ask all questions.

What To Look For In A Maths Tutor

Teaching maths takes more patience than other courses require. It is a subject of step by step and to get the lessons across, the tutor must teach it so. As such, in looking for the best tutor to serve your child’s needs, the following are considerations are necessary.

Excellent Communication

The tutor you are hiring must have excellent communication. A lot can be lost in transmission if the tutor lacks it. This hinders the understanding of the child and increases the amount of time spent on learning.


Maths itself can be difficult. It is a challenging subject. To this end, you do not want a tutor who cannot be patient with your child. No child has to learn under pressure. Therefore, you need to evaluate your tutor for the level of patience. A good maths tutor must be patient.


Beyond the service fee, a tutor must display passion for the subject they teach. Search for tutors that have the love for math and love to teach it. Such a tutor will be passionate about teaching your child to understand.