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Disciplines of IT

There are multiple areas to venture into IT. These various areas are well-paying and keep evolving. Because there is no limit to what technology can do, IT keeps on opening emerging with different jobs.

Systems Analyst

If you enjoy improving a company’s level of efficiency, you may want to consider being a systems analyst. System analysis involves planning and researching for better ways to operate a company’s information system. This may range from writing new manuals to collaborating with programmers to work on new software.

As a system analyst, your work is primarily improving efficiency and ensuring that the company continues to up its processes. A system analyst floats across all aspects of the business without getting too attached with any. The analyst is always a constant communication with all departments to ensure all is going on fine.

IT Security

Security is a crucial part of technology that continues to grow. Since computers are now an essential part of modern business, the security risks associated have also increased. Cyberattacks are on the rise, and malicious individuals are constantly trying to steal data.

Working in the IT security department takes a level of skill and alertness. You must be constantly aware of the systems and know when there is a breach. Your work in this regard may include implementing security software and regularly educating various departments on security checks.

Database Administrator

A database administrator is responsible for managing the data in a company. The database department involves holding a significant amount of data and ensuring they are well protected. Irrespective of the sector you find yourself which can be health or financial industry, data is crucial and must be protected.

Your job in this regard my include setting up database systems and constantly updating those systems to ensure efficiency.


This is often the entry-level where many start their IT career. In fact, when IT is mentioned, many often think this is all there is to it. For many technicians, they help to troubleshoot systems and attend to all PC needs of staff members. Many problems technicians solve are user-problems.

Other disciplines in IT include project management and IT consultant.

Why You Should Learn With Us?

We understand the constantly emerging nature of IT. This makes us aware of the goings-on in the IT world, which informs how we shape our services. By so doing, you can rest assured that our tutoring programs entail all there is to IT.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum for teaching IT is a comprehensive one which contemplates the various disciplines under IT. This makes our services well-suited for you. With a curriculum which is constantly updated to reflect the emerging concepts in the IT industry, we provide premium services that tailor you for the industry.


Our tutors certified to teach IT courses. They have the qualification and the industry experience, which they leverage to ensure that you get only quality services. With their industry-relevant experience, our tutors can address each topic with a sense of practicality which helps to drive the points home better. This is unlike the theoretical IT lectures which do not reflect industry-relevant concepts.

Effective Teaching Methods

Our tutors offer teaching services using well-proven effective methods. Our team not only consists of tutors but also psychologists who help us determine the best way to approach each topic. Our focus is on clarity, retention, and ability to apply what you learn. With the strategies of our psychologists and the delivery of our tutors, our tutoring services are second to none.