About Us

Welcome to Blended Learning. Let us help you unlearn and relearn.

Our Mission

Our goal is to revamp the Australian education system by providing neatly tailored practical education which trains students to be exceptional.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the way among tutoring platforms reshaping the face of education in Australia. We hope to provide unmatched learning services through our team of expert tutors and certified psychologists that help deliver the best services.

Our Values

At Blended Learning, we provided a smooth learning experience by continually averting our minds to the following values.


One of our focal point at Blended Learning is the regard for clarity. We teach our students with excellent communication strategies which operate to improve their retention rate and understanding. Our tutors break down their classes into sessions to maximise students’ attention span.

Privacy and Confidentiality

At Blended Learning, we understand the importance of data, and we know you will leave some data with us. To that end, we have put in place appropriate procedures to protect your data and ensure that nothing leaks.

Convenient Platform

Getting the desired tutor from our platform is extremely easy. Our user interface is easy to use with exact options and prompts that will help you get to whichever tab you are heading. You can also check the profile of each tutor to ascertain what you are getting.

Our Team

We have a team of industry experts with years of experience in teaching students and getting results. Over 90% of our students pass their exams with distinctions. We also ensure to have to psychologists in our team who help us map out the best strategies to deliver our courses.

Service Offering

We have a wide range of service offering for students. You can take advantage of anyone and get immense benefits. These include:

High School Tutoring

This involves tutoring services for high school students finding it difficult to understand what they learn in school. We help them navigate the difficult areas to get the best results.

Primary School Tutoring

This involves tutoring services for primary school kids through which we provide tutors that can help boost their confidence and prepare them for secondary school.

Maths Tutoring

We provide tutoring services to deal with the challenges you may face in maths. With us, all your maths problems are solved

Science Tutoring

We understand science is one of the most challenging subjects. We provide tutoring services to help you improve your understanding and results.