How Will High School Rankings Change Under ATAR?

The ATAR system will become the new norm, indicating several changes in the ways schools will now evaluate performance. This will impact the choices of students in schools and determine their new decisions. ATAR is a different model from which several parents used. This makes it essential for parents to understand how it works. What will change, and what do you need to know?

The Implication of ATAR Ranking

One thing the ATAR model is praised for is that it comes to level the ground. Under this model, the curriculum across all schools is the same. The modalities for marking exams have also changed to become more rigorous. With this, high school rankings do not carry as much bearing as they used to. This takes away the preference which private schools enjoyed before this moment.

Therefore, ATAR is a game-changer and has come to push students to be more hardworking. It levels the ground and affords everyone the same opportunity at entry into desired schools.

What Was the Implication of The OP system?

The OP system made use of preferences which rated schools on a scale. It scales on two levels, one within the school and the other, across the school system. This model made use of a metric referred to as “Subject Achievement Indicators (SAIs)” to determine where students fall based on their subject areas.

The OP demonstrated a biased system which favoured schools with better resources. It placed focus on topics that pass as highly academic, which are often the exclusive preserve of specific schools. These were courses one could find in private schools, thereby placing students of private schools above other others.

OP was also criticised for using 25 bands as its overall achievement indicator. This indicator was criticised on the grounds that it is not an adequate representation of students’ abilities. However, with the ATAR, there is a precise method, which makes for the representation of all students. ATAR makes regard for all schools, whether private or located in poor locations.

What Value Does Secondary Schools Rankings Have?

There is little value associated with secondary school rankings under ATAR. ATAR focuses on the abilities of students, as against the schools they attend. ATAR seeks to bring out the best based on how much work you put in.

However, rankings may matter to high schools. They often pay attention to rankings as a means for marketing. Therefore, rankings in high school are essential and deserve all the attention you can pay.

ATAR Applies Across All Universities In Australia

All universities in Australia are to apply ATAR. This makes it possible and more convenient for students to study interstate. They do not have to worry about different operating models. Thus, across all universities in Australia, your child’s results will be calculated based on the ATAR model to ensure they get a fair placement into schools.

Taking away the limitations of where to study remains one of the hallmarks of ATAR. Your child can gain entry to schools across Australia and pursue their dreams as they desire.

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